Hand Written Jobs

This job requires good hand writing as well as speed. The company will provide English book for writing and you have to write 148 pages in 10 days. Company will provide you 150 pages A4 size through courier service you will have to follow the rules and regulation during the work. (Sample)


It is a Contract Job which has to be written in Capital Letters (Block Letters) must match with the Allotted Text & has to be completed within the allotted time frame without any Spelling mistakes.


You can send the processing charge through demand draft to the contact address after making payment, you are requested to sms on 7566153965 and email info@massinfomedia.co write your Name, Address, Demand draft no. and Date of issued. After confirmation of your payment company will arrange to sent hand writing material kit through courier at your address.

Allow Mistakes                                    Payment Per Assignment

0 to 25   Mistakes  (per project)                        Rs. 12000/-

26 to 50  Mistakes (per project)                        Rs. 6000/-

51 to 75 Mistakes (per project)                         Rs. 3000/- and next project free of cost.

Above 75 ERRORS                                            Rs. @ 10/- per page for (For without error pages.)